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Our Mission

Our company is founded on the simple mission to help individuals throughout the metro Atlanta, Georgia, area and surrounding areas who have lost an eye regain their sense of confidence and dignity. It’s something we’ve been proud to do for nearly 20 years now.

That’s why we develop a specialized treatment plan for each patient and strive to create the most life-like, aesthetically pleasing prosthesis possible.

American Board For Certification in Prosthetics

Approved Provider

Board-Certified Ocularist (BCO)
American Society of Ocularists
American Society of Ocularists

Board-Approved Diplomate Ocularist (BADO)

Member of International Anaplastology Association

Ocular Prosthetic Services

With same-day appointments and service, you can look and feel like yourself again in one day. By allocating your entire day to the fitting and fabrication process, patients are able to leave our office at the end of the day with the custom ocular prosthesis. Custom iris buttons, artistic hand painting and the use of digitally printed irises ensure quality craftsmanship of your ocular prosthesis. Our team is led by Board-Certified Ocularist Antonio L. Alcorta I, a third-generation prosthetic eye specialist.

Maintenance of your artificial eye is of the utmost importance. Cleaning your artificial eye will help keep you comfortable, reduce levels of secretions, help in preventing conjunctivitis, as well as extend the overall life of your artificial eye.

Following the fitting of your artificial eye, modifications can be made to the prosthesis or scleral shell for up to the first 18 months of wearing the eye (individual cases may vary). The most commonly performed modifications are enlarging or adjusting (reducing) the size of the prosthesis to maintain a proper fit.

Even established artificial eye wearers will need modifications as their bodies continue to grow and/or change over time.

Medicare, Medicaid and All Other Insurance Welcomed

About Us

Antonio L. Alcorta I, BCO, BADO

Antonio L. Alcorta I, began his career in the field of Ocularistry at a young age, while attending Fresno State University. Early in his training he developed a passion and love for patient care. Following 7 years of training and completing all educational requirements of the American Society of Ocularists, he received his Board Certification and became a Board Approved Diplomate.

He continued working alongside his father for over a decade perfecting his craft and striving to create the most life-like prosthetics.

He prides himself in providing an individual approach for all patients in the Fitting and Fabrication of their Custom Ocular Prostheses. With the experience he has gained after twenty years of experience in the field of Ocularistry, Antonio continues providing the highest quality services for all patients. Antonio recognizes the need for Quality, Custom, One-Day, Ocular Prosthetics.

Antonio and his beautiful wife Michelle are the proud parents of their daughter, Quinn, and their son, Slate.

What Our Patients Say


An awesome artist … and can do your eye in one day

Went to see Tony the other day for the first time and it was a truly awesome experience. He was very welcoming and the environment was very comfortable. He is an awesome artist as well, and can do your eye in one day. Much love to the whole crew and much love to Tony.

5 Stars


My eye looks and feels great

Tony is wonderful and very talented – my eye looks and feels great! Spencer is awesome and always makes me feel welcome and at ease. Thank you Grant for your hospitality and making me smile. Thumbs up!

5 Stars


I felt like a part of me had been restored

Antonio’s knowledge and lengthy history in artificial eyes instilled confidence and by the end of our day together we were laughing and joking as if we were old friends. The color is vivid and lifelike. I’m not sure how he was able to recreate the look of my good eye, but I felt like a part of me had been restored.

5 Stars


The finished eye looked so real, I couldn’t believe how much it matched.

Antonio Alcorta is an amazing and very well informed ocularist. He has amazing skills and artistic ability. The finished eye that he made me looked so real, I couldn’t believe how much it matched. I challenge my friends to figure out which eye is my prosthesis and it always stumps them. I highly recommend him and his services.

Tanesha R
5 Stars


An awesome artist … and can do your eye in one day

Antonio is amazing ocularist OR artist!!! I think both. His caring approach towards patients and professionalism towards his job is outstanding. He and his team is simply awesome. Thank you!!!

5 Stars


Tony and his staff have managed to keep her self-esteem at an all- time high. She knows and feels she is just as beautiful as she was prior to the accident.

We drive nearly 70 miles in each direction and pass other facilities to go to Atlanta Eye Prosthetics because of the professionalism and kindness that Tony and his staff has shown myself and my daughter are second to none. The quality of her prosthetic eye is impeccable. The clarity and attention to detail makes it almost impossible to tell that she has suffered an injury to her eye. Most importantly, Tony and his staff have managed to keep her self-esteem at an all- time high. She knows and feels she is just as beautiful as she was prior to the accident. This is due to the way they have made her, and I feel involved in each step of the process. Thank you is an understatement, grateful and blessed is more appropriate. I highly recommend Tony at Atlanta Eye Prosthetics.

5 Stars

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